Aeropage is changing.
Airtable to Stripe Products
Synchronize product data from Airtable to Stripe in bulk, including price updates, images and descriptions.
Airtable to Stripe Orders
A tool to generate Stripe payment links with multiple products and quantities that you can call from Airtable automations.
Create an API endpoint that returns a Notion page as HTML, with the images cached and ready to use in emails or embedded into your website.
Wordpress Connector 3.0
An online tool and custom plugin work together to sync your Airtable records into custom post types in Wordpress, compatible with most builders.
Document / PDF Maker
Automatically generate single or multi page PDF documents from your records in Airtable. Just setup a template and share the link.
Image Generator
Create beautiful images on the fly with data from your Airtable records. Everything is dynamic including colors, fonts and text components.
Dynamic Email
Connect this dynamic template to your favorite automation system to send rich, professional email templates with data from your airtable records.
Email Template
Make a template for your email automations, fetch the html and send to multiple recipients. Great for newsletters and bulk mailouts.
Form Builder
Build forms to edit or add records in Airtable, with advanced design capabilities and the ability to include forms in workflows with other tools.
Permanent Attachments
Permanent links for your Airtable Attachments. Keep your images and document links working, cached for performance and secured with tokens.
Page Designer
Make and share pages with awesome designs, displaying data from one or many Airtable records - and connect to our other tools to make workflows.
OpenAI Connector
Create an API endpoint that can send prompts to your OpenAI account and process the responses in your Airtable, Make or Zapier Automations.
Data Pixel
Create pixels to update Airtable when emails are opened. Trigger a pixel to update the email record, or create records in other tables.